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Satrac Panic Device – old

This Satrac SOS unit is an extremely versatile device that can be worn by anyone, anywhere and is easily activated when you are in need of assistance. The device is water-resistant, light weight and disguised as a ‘normal remote’, making it easy-to-conceal and comfortable to keep on your person.

Panic Device & Tracking Unit.

Independent GSM/GPS.

  • No cellphone required.
  • No airtime required.
  • No data required.

Personal, Community, Semi-Professional and Professional HELP at the press of a button. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANY EMERGENCY.

R149 per month*

*subscription for 24 months.

Perfect for situations such as:

  • Farm attacks.
  • Burglaries.
  • Being followed after school, at night on campus, work, jogging or riding your bicycle.
  • Being bullied at school or on campus.
  • Smash and grab Incident.
  • Being home alone.
  • Minimal setup.
  • Assaulted or threatened.
  • Incapacitated, injured, cornered, lost or stranded.
  • Hi-jacked.
  • Medical emergency at home, work or anywhere else.
  • Being a lone worker or driver.

key features

  • The Satrac SOS Unit is small, lightweight and easy to carry.
  • The Satrac SOS unit is an independent, standalone unit. It doesn’t require a working cellphone with an active data connection, enough data available or to be within 10 meters of the linked phone in order to function.
  • To ensure the absolute optimal performance of the unit the battery is recharged on an annual basis by our service centres at no additional cost (T’s and C’s may apply).
  • The unit is linked to your support network upon signing up to ensure the fastest possible reaction. This network consists of but is not limited to the Satrac Service Providers Network, Community Network and your Personal Support Network.
  • When a panic is triggered, our emergency protocol is activated and your situation is monitored and managed by our control centres