• 1. Is Satrac Tracking available across South Africa?

    Yes, Satrac Tracking is available across South Africa. Anywhere you have GSM coverage within the South African Borders.
  • 2. Can I use Satrac to Request Assistance for someone else?

    Satrac services are primarily for the use of its members only, but if you are on scene and is directly affected by it or a first-hand whiteness then Yes you may use the service to acquire assistance for a non member.
  • 3. How is Satrac different from other communication safety groups?

    Satrac is a passive system, that unlike other systems, is available when you need it. The system remains off until you are in trouble. If you do not need to use the device you only need to recharge once a year.

    Our service is fully automated – Only once you request assistance will the automated part integrate with the manual human monitoring and managing part. At this point your distress call would have been distributed to your personal network, our national and regional control centres and any and all community groups, security and / or tracking companies you have registered in your profile.

  • 4. Will Satrac use all of my data and airtime?

    No, we do not use any your data or airtime. Our units are completely independent from any of your current devices and therefor free from requiring any of your data and/or airtime to function.
  • 5. Will people be able to hack my Satrac SOS Unit for my location?

    No, we use our own protocol and a min 128 bit encryption. Your device is secure.
  • 6. What happens if I have no signal during an emergency?

    The system requires access / cover to the GSM network. Nevertheless, we only use a part of the GSM network that, even if you cannot establish a call connection and/or a normal internet connection, may still be able to transmit. Our devices has build-in has algorithms to ensure the best result.
  • 7. If my cell phone is on but I do not have data will you be able to assist me in an emergency?

    Yes we certainly will. Our device is never linked to your phone. Your phone is only used to contact you on in the case of an emergency and we contact you.
  • 8. Is the Satrac SOS Panic Device waterproof?

    Yes it is water-resistant.
  • 9. What happens if I lose my device or if it stolen?

    If you lose the device, you will need to report it to us asap. It will be flagged immediately as either lost or stolen. In both cases the unit will be automatically traced upon activation and reported to the authorities.
  • 10. What happens when my subscription expires?

    When your service fee subscription lapse or expire the service to the device is automatically disconnected and therefor neither your emergency contacts nor our service centres will receive your distress call. You can choose to renew or cancel the contract manually via the user portal. You will receive a notification prior to suspension and/or disconnection via your preferred communications medium to avoid any unwanted interruption in your service and ensure help is only the press of a single button away.
  • 11. Are there any additional fees for call outs and medical services?

    Although we endeavour every possible avenue to ensure little to no cost, third party service  provider may charge for services like transportation, call outs, armed response and medical services.
  • 12. How do I change my payment information?

    You can change your information on our website or via email.
  • 13. How long will it take to get my device once I have ordered it?

    We carry stock so depending on demand, distance and your location, delivery can be in as little as within a week.
  • 15. If I fill in my personal information, will my information be sent to third parties and will I get a million spam calls?

    NO! We do not share any information. We are fully compliant with the POPI act.